A New Season

By Jax |  May 14, 2013

Praise The Lord Saints! I had been without a Church home for a few months.  I never stopped going to Church, but I had to move my membership form my old church home because of a conflict. I prayed and found myself back in a Baptist Church. I came out of a non-denominational Church and had gotten used to just worship and word. However, I found a fellowship that has brought me great joy! The pastor and his 1st lady are terrific (Pastor Ricky Dixon and Eva Marie). Now mind you, I have not sung in a choir in more than a decade but I joined the district choir. I still don't know the songs yet (smile), but it is the fellowship of believers that I really needed. I just got news a little over a week ago that I got a new job and I start Thursday! It pays well and it has great benefits. I have been in a financial bind for a long time. God is bringing me back to a place of blessing me so that I can be a greater blessing to Him and my community! That's a "WOW' one right there! Hallelujah! This all happened since Easter, how bout that for a Great God! Get busy for God beloved. He is waiting for you to get in place, because believe you me, He is already busy on your behalf. He is waiting for YOU!!! GET OUT OF YOURSELF AND GET BUSY!

God Bless,